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25 Years of Successful Industry Experience

Our Past

We're a Rhode Island-based software team. We've been in the industry for 25 years and have successfully launched and developed three software businesses during that time. We've successfully sold those businesses to Pidilite Industries, Ceridian Corporation, and Asure Software.

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We've already been successful in the mobile app space as well: we launched and sold a real-time business intelligence mobile app to Schenider Electric/Invensys. It's currently being used as part of their Wonderware product line.

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Our latest venture into the museum tour guide space was fueled by our love of travel, history, and storytelling. Visitor spaces shouldn't have to struggle to create a mobile app for their content. We believe that we're the right partner with the right technology to make your vision a reality.

We have the technology; you have the content. Let's create a story together.

Our Team

Actionshow App -Snehal Shah

Snehal Shah - CEO, ActionTourGuide

Snehal is a successful serial entrepreneur and brings ​30​ years of experience in Industrial Automation, Business Intelligence (BI), Internet of Things (IOT) and HR/Payroll space.

During the past ​three​​ decades, he was involved in the successful launch of four companies​, each was subsequently acquired​. Their products, technologies, and services are still in use today.

Most recently, Snehal was the founder and CEO of Sarla Analytics LLC, a mobile​/cloud S​aaS solution ​for ​real time data and analytics. The product was called SmartGlance and was acquired by ​Schneider Electric in 2013.

Find him on LinkedIn.

Actionshow App - Ushma

Ushma Shah - Founder, Business Development

Ushma graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual major in Economics and International Relations. Before joining the team, she was in a leadership development program at BASF, a Fortune Global 100 company.

During her time at BASF, she worked in locations across the US and Germany in four divisions: Agricultural Products, Paper & Kaolin Chemicals, Oil & Gas, and Site Infrastructure & Development.

Ushma had the idea for a tour guide app platform during her travels for work and with family.

Find her on LinkedIn.

Actionshowapp - Manoj

Manoj Ganguli - General Manager

Manoj holds an MBA (Operations) and brings 12+ years of software experience primarily working in the Software as a Service business space.

Manoj brings a variety of expertise including business development, client relations, implementation, support, project management and overall business administration.

Most recently he was involved in developing and marketing of SmartGlance, a mobile and cloud SaaS solution that brought real time business data and analytics on smart devices. SmartGlance was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2013.

Find him on LinkedIn.

Actionshow App - Team

Jeff Dumas - Chief Technology Consultant

Jeff is a technology professional with a vision that is 10 years ahead of our time. Jeff has been engaged with the team for over 20 years.

This includes work in process/quality control, HR/payroll, Business Intelligence, and mobile technologies. Jeff created cloud-based products before "the cloud" was even called "the cloud"!

Jeff was actively involved in SmartGlance (acquired by Schneider Electric) as well as iEmployee (acquired by Asure Software).

Actionshow App - Adam

Adam Ograbisz - Software Architecture & Development

​Adam is extremely detailed oriented individual with a knack for developing a completely bug-free products. He has been involved with the team for 15 years.

His work included SaaS HR/benefit/timesheet system. A hard code developer, Adam designed the entire cloud structure for SmartGlance (acquired by Schneider Electric) and was a Senior Developer for iEmployee product (acquired by Asure Software).


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