Dress Code for Grand Palace

To wear or not to wearDress Code for Grand Palace Bangkok, Thailand

If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time, you cannot miss visiting the dazzling Grand Palace and the Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha at Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, itself has over 400 temples. Of all the enthralling temples in Bangkok, the Grand Palace and the Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha is a must see. It was built in 1782 and is symbolic of Thailand’s rich culture, art, architecture and spirit.  However, before your visit be sure to read about the dress code Grand Palace Bangkok.



Why the Dress code for Grand Palace?

The temples in Thailand expect visitors to wear polite outfits as a gesture of respect to its sacred places and to appreciate the sentiments of the Thai people. Also, the dress code for Grand Place is imperative because the Grand Palace and its grounds are used by the Royal Family on ceremonial occasions. One such occasion is the changing of clothes of the sacred Buddha. This takes place three times in a year at the Grand Palace Bangkok in the presence of the Royal Family. So, it is important to be sure about the rules regarding the dress code for Grand Palace.



Dress Code for Grand Place

You surely don’t want your mesmerizing trip to the Grand Palace Bangkok interrupted because of inappropriate dress code. Grand Place Thailand dress code is strictly enforced for visiting men and women likewise. Here you will find a detailed list of the dress code at Grand Palace Bangkok to be followed.



Avoid wearing:

  1. * Shorts, mini-skirts, short skirts, tight fitting trousers, tights, leggings (anything that exposes the ankles).

  2. * Quarter length trousers

  3. * No clothing with holes (for instance ripped jeans )

  4. * See-through shirts and blouses.

  5. * Low-cut clothing

  6. * Sleeveless shirts or vests. Only shirts or tops to cover your shoulders.

  7. * Bare chest in men.

  8. * All shirtsleeves that are rolled up.

  9. * Sweat shirts, sweat pants, windcheaters, pyjamas and fisherman trousers.

  10. * Mid-riff showing or backless clothing.

  11. * Sandals and flip-flops without socks.


What if you are not dressed according to the Dress Code Grand Palace Bangkok?

Don’t worry if you find yourself dressed otherwise than what is suggested as the dress code for Grand Palace. At the entrance, the guards of the Grand Palace Bangkok will usher you aside and ask you to wear the dress code Grand Palace Bangkok. In this case you can explore the following suggestions:

  1. * You may borrow a clothing item abiding to the Grand Palace Thailand dress code from the royal staff stationed in the first building on your right of the entrance gate. The clothes are lent with a deposit which shall be fully reimbursed once you return all the rented items. However, sometimes there can be a long queue and so it’s best to stick to the dress code for the Grand Palace Bangkok to avoid wastage of time.

  2. * You can also rent clothes from the shops lined up on the opposite side of the entrance gate of the Thailand Grand Palace. It would cost you around 20 baht per rented item.

  3. * If you have taken a licensed guide, then he can borrow clothes according to the dress code Grand Palace Bangkok on his ID card and you will not have to pay the initial deposit amount.

  4. * If you have come with a tour, then your licensed guide can borrow only upto 5 clothing items in keeping with the dress code for Grand Palace, leaving the rest of you to rent it from the above mentioned shops or leaving a deposit at the Grand Palace Bangkok itself.


What should be your ideal Grand Palace Thailand dress code?

To confer to the rules of the dress code Grand Palace Bangkok, it is best to be dressed in a maxi dress/ an ankle length trouser or skirt teamed with a t-shirt or cardigan for women. Men can adhere to the Grand Palace Thailand dress code by wearing trousers with a t-shirt.  Stoles/ scarves/ shawls are not allowed to cover up your shoulders incase of a sleeveless top.


Beat the heat. How?

Thailand is a scorching hot country. It may be difficult for you to continue the rest of your trip if you are dressed according to the Grand Palace Thailand dress code. So what should you wear in keeping with the dress code for Grand Palace? You may feel to get a little lighter. In this case:

  1. * Wear cotton clothes

  2. * Wear arm socks to avoid sunburns

  3. * Carry sunglasses

  4. * Another good idea would be to carry a change of clothes along. There are changing rooms at the Grand Palace Bangkok where you can easily slip into a more comfortable attire.


Some other tips

There are some places in the Grand Palace Bangkok where few rules are enforced, like:

  1. * Some parts of the Thailand Grand Palace temples require you to remove your foot wear. So, don’t wear expensive footwear (can be stolen)

  2. * Carry a bag to dump your hat/umbrella/water bottle before entering the building. Yes, some places in Grand Palace Bangkok don’t allow water inside.


Beware of Scammers…

You will find quite a few of them loitering around the Grand Palace Bangkok troubling you about the Grand Palace Thailand dress code. Just don’t pay attention to them and keep walking. They may fake as the royal staff or police. Go where the crowd is going.

Thailand is a spectacular country and Bangkok is a vibrant city. The opulence of the Grand Palace Bangkok is captivating and it is an unforgettable experience in itself. So, just don’t worry about the dress code for Grand Palace and follow these simple guidelines regarding the Grand Palace Thailand dress code to have a fascinating memory in your book of life.


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