Explore Bangkok's magnificent Grand Palace with a narrator you can trust!

Theatrical Audi-Visual Tour

Experience this 150 year old history in high quality dramatic audio-visual tour on Apple and Android devices. Listen to mind-blowing stories and learn how the palace has remained the seat of power & spiritual heart of the Thai kingdom for so long. This app acts as a local guide who will take you through the palace with images, text, and navigational 3D maps to support the dynamic and fun narration.

Super easy & interactive Maps

Find your way around the Palace & look out for the points of interests using our Off-line Maps. The Grand Palace is divided into four main courts, separated by numerous walls and gates. Our super-easy maps will help you navigate thorough the Palace like a Pro and you do not have to depend on a human guide's mood, accent, attitude or risk of getting cheated.

No internet connection required

The app works completely offline while still following the exact names and numbers that the Palace uses. Save money on expensive roaming charges! Enjoy the high level of detail with fast loading off-line maps, pictures and audio.

App Features

Turn your smart phone into Grand Palace Tour Guide!!

Detailed off-line Maps

Easily find the nearest/next point of interests inside the Palace.

Detailed Stories

Learn how the the Grand Palace is made up of buildings, halls, pavilions set around open lawns, gardens, courtyards, temples.

No stop is missed out

Start anywhere and follow the circle. Use the list to know the stops in the tour.

Easy to use

Just download on your phone and walk/drive as it says.

No dependance on a human guide

No worry about crowded tours or human guide's mood or accent.

Dynamic and fun narration

Professionally prepared by local guides.

Substops for more details

A lot more info e.g. inside of a building, winter view, historical view etc. .

Take the story home and share

Story is with you for ever to share on social media. .