This mobile app is the ONLY guide for INSIDE of the Grand Palace. It’s a book, a guide, a map, and an audio-visual player - all wrapped up in one!

Once you book, you'll have access to the tour immediately. It's valid until your selected Travel Date plus 30 days, so you don't have to worry if travel plans change or weather intervenes!


Grand Palace Self-Guided Walking Tour




2 - 3 hours



Deep Dives


Tour Preview

Stop 1 : Welcome
Stop : Temple of the Emerald Buddha
00:00 / 03:33
00:00 / 03:33


Go at own pace

We’re very glad we got this app. It’s extremely convenient to be able to walk around at your own pace (do NOT get a local guide, lots of scam artists) and to use your own phone (you can return to the stories later on). However, it’s a big drain on your battery. I didn’t dock a star for that because there’s a lot of media (images, animations, audio) so I can understand why it uses a lot of power. I’m very pleased it works offline because we didn’t have an international data plan during our visit.

Glad I tried this!

I got this app when I was planning my trip and I wasn’t sure if I would use it or hire a local guide. After hearing the horror stories about those guides from other travelers, I’m happy I got this!


The app has good narration and the actual stories and facts were quite interesting. I feel like I actually learned about things, rather than just looked at them.


It also had a map and pictures/animations, which weren’t too useful to me, but may be to others.

Excellent! I was looking for the History about the palace which is when i came through this App. This app is perfect for all who are visiting for the first time! Everything is explained in detailed but would have been interesting if it had more information.

A good alternative to a guide. Great if you're on a budget or just want to wander at own pace. This app provides a good level of detail of history about the Buddha and of the palace. Easy to use and really interesting. Certainly worth the money!

Very comprehensive. Everything is there !

My wife was very frustrated with the local guide and his negotiation. We downloaded this app and used it. We had used it at another temple and decided to try it here also. Great story. A lot of details ! Everything about the Emerald Buddha ... his birth, his travel, wars association with him, his three outfits etc.. It is such a large location. It is easy to miss something. The app gave us a route and we walked it fully. Nothing was missed out.


I would like more stories of the inside room of the temple. A lot of pictures are on the wall. There is a whole story written in pictures but it is difficult to read it. That is my only feedback.

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