Directions for Grand Palace: Fantastic Guide with The Directions To Famous Grand Palace

When you decide to take a trip, the way through Grand Palace is full of many monuments, statues, halls such that you could get lost. For this reason, people are seek for the best and reliable guide. This passage offers lots of useful information regarding how to get to Grand Palace Bangkok. These useful guidelines help you to reach the Grand Palace without facing any difficulties.

Getting There

How to get to Grand Palace Bangkok is not a daunting task because this mobile audio guide makes the job much simpler. It is vital to note that getting to this Grand Palace is simple by boat. You can take the great boat, known as Chaophraya Express to Tha Chang (the Chang Pier). You can walk through the entire market in the region of a pier as well as out into this plaza lined by the old shop-houses. The Grand Palace’s long white wall is precisely across a street on the right side. You never miss this chance. The entrance portion is the 2nd gate of this wall.


If you want to visit the Grand Palace without any hassle, you can prefer the full day or half day tour. Along with this, you can also know about how to go to Grand Palace. There are several ways available to learn about the directions to Grand Palace in Bangkok, but the internet platform makes the task much simpler. The reliable online website comes with lots of interesting facts behind Grand Palace and its popularity. Also, it also brings you an excellent opportunity to recognize how to get to Grand Palace Bangkok. These are the most significant details that help you to enjoy your Grand Palace trip in an unusual manner.  The Grand Palace is situated in banks of the river named Chao Phraya located in this river. The Bangkok Grand Palace is one of the highly preferred and most popular tourist attractions that includes excellent interior and attractive look. 

  Along with this, the Grand Palace also appears as the masterpiece of Rattanakosin, which is a historic center of Bangkok. The favorite locations are not associated with the remaining portion of Thai capital, utilizing either its MRT systems or SkyTrain as of the month February 2011 so that you can take a boat or a taxi to get the Grand Palace.If you plan to visit Grand Palace, you can consider some important aspects. It is significant to gather valuable information about how to get to Grand Palace Bangkok. There are many online websites provide the details regarding how to go to Grand Palace so that you can follow the right one based on your individual traveling requirements. 

Major Transportation Facilities

There are lots of transportation options available to reach Grand Palace so that you can pick the right one based on the individual budget. Choosing the right transportation option is not an easy task because there are several choices available to select. If you desire to pick the right transport mode, you can gather accurate information about various transportation facilities, including road and waterways. The waterway option helps you to get a clear idea about how to get to Grand Palace Bangkok by boats. By using this, you can choose the right transportation option and enjoy your journey in a memorable way.

By Taxi

You can take the taxi from your location to the Grand Palace. You can ensure that the boarded taxi’s meter is turn on. It is an important Bangkok law so that you can consider it properly. If you fail to do the task, you lead to lose money. The traffic is a big problem in Bangkok so that you can plan your trip in a proper manner.  You can hire the reliable taxi service to gather additional details regarding how to go to Grand Palace within short time duration.

By SkyTrain

You can take the SkyTrain to a boat terminal, situated very close to a famous station named Saphan Taksin at the southern tip of Silom Line. You can ride this Silom line in a direct way, or take Sukhumvia link directly to the Siam station as well as transfer there.

By Boat

If you do not have enough idea about how to get to Grand Palace Bangkok by boats, you can read this passage. You can reach Grand Palace with Chao Phraya Express Boat, so you can buy the ticket while entering the terminal of a boat.

Apple and Android Apps

Enjoy this ancient historical palace with high quality dramatic audio-visual mobile tour on Apple and Android. This app guides as a personal local guide which will take you through the Grand Palace with great images, rich text along with 3D maps for navigation.

The app has detailed stories, with beautiful narration for each of the monument inside the Grand Palace Bangkok. The app also has off-line map so you don't to utilize your precious data while you are inside the Grand Palace.

The app also has Facebook and Twitter integration enabling to share amazing moments with family and friends.