Tour for Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace is a must see site with its spectacular and amazing grandeur which makes it an iconic landmark.

There are three types of Tour in Grand Palace.

1. Guided Tour

2. Audio-Guide Tour

3. Smartphone based audio-visual guide

Guided Tour

Guided tours for Palace are available at four different slots as 10:00, 10:30, 1:30 and 2:00. They are full of crowded, its verey hard to listen. It is very hard to absorb the story of each structure as they moving very fast without giving you enough time. You will not enjoy Guided tour as much.

Audio-Guide Tour

Audio guide instrument available in Grand Palace tour for 200 Baht (6 USD) with a two hour limit. As a security deposit submit your credit card or passport for a timely returns. It's not possible to cover whole places in two hours. Also,it is very stressfull to get proper navigational help without map and visual aid. There are times, when people end up standing in front of one structure while listening to a story of a completely different structure!

Smartphone based audio-visual guide

Best way to visit Grand Palace Bangkok is to download Grand Palace app on your own smartphone.

This app contains all the details about Grand Palace Bangkok and is available for both Android and Apple.

With this guide, you’ll have the following at your fingertips:

  1. * Easy-to-understand narration.

  2. * Awesome stories of what you’re looking at (Emerald Buddha, Ramayana art, Royal Residences, and more!)

  3. * Totally offline (no need for WiFi or data)

  4. * Beautiful pictures.

  5. * Audio transcripts (if you like to read instead of listen)

  6. * General info on hours, dress code, and safety.


Click here for more info on Tour Guide App.


Enjoy the Tour without getting lost !!!