Bangkok's Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) Self-Guided Audio Tour




2 - 3 hours



Deep Dives


Tour Preview

Stop 1 : Welcome
Stop 3 : Temple of the Reclining Buddha
00:00 / 01:39
00:00 / 02:54


Devil is in the details!

A lot of details here and all is very nicely organized. We were pleasantly surprised that this app family is so detailed and well organized. I did not want to read so much but my wife read every line of it. The app has a “sub story” section for each main story for those who want to read more. So, I could breeze by and my wife took her own time.


Also, pls book the Thai massage at the school before you start the tour. That way, you will not have to wait. It is certainly worth every penny.

The “Learn More” is GREAT

I did not expect to learn so much about Buddhism and its theology and symbology from this app! VERY impressed. The really detailed and interesting content is located in the “Learn More” sections under each stop, and I recommend listening to each and every one. Thank you!

Truly remarkable tour! I recommend!

Booked the tour for me and my wife during our recent visit to Bangkok and were extremely happy with this product. We quickly received an email with passwords to access the tour! Really pleased with the service. The tour was informative and well narrated. Would recommend using this for your trips and travels 100%!!

App is a great guide

There were so many local guides but they all needed huge negotiations. There was no way to telling if anyone was good or not. We downloaded this app and it was a pleasant surprise. We have used apps of this company in the past. it was nice. The palace is beautiful Buddha is huge ... beyond imagination huge. A lot of gold everywhere. I am sure it is gold plating. the app guide had good stories, it walked us through each structure. An exhibition was going on. So, we had to go around a couple of things. The best part of that the app had pictures of what it was talking about. After a few stops, all Buddha looked the same. Having the picture in the app was very useful. Overall, very good.

Not disappointed!

I had such a great experience with the Grand Palace app from the same company, that I stopped at a little Internet cafe and downloaded this one right after.


This tour seems to be a bit shorter, but had the same good stories and nice flow that I liked from the previous one. I was glad I got it.


Definitely better than the terrible local guides!

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