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1299 Del Monte Blvd, Monterey, CA 93940, USA

Big Sur (Monterey to Pismo Beach)
Self-Guided Driving Tour


5 - 7 hours





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Stop 14 : Bixby’s Insta-fame
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my friends and I wanted to have a girls day but we weren’t sure what to do! That’s when we found this self guided tour. It was way better than we imagined. It was sunny and the weather was beautiful. None of us had ever taken Highway 1 before so it was nice to know what sights were coming up and where we needed to stop and look. We even saw whales!! One thing I would add, is a shipwreck located on the outskirts of cayucos before the town of Harmony. When the tide is low enough you can even go out to the boat. All in all it was a great trip and I would recommend it to anyone!

Best. Purchase. Ever.

My family drove from LA to San Francisco via Highway 1 in October. I had planned LA. I had planned San Francisco. But I hadn't really done much in between....oops. Thank you Action Tour Guide! I downloaded this app as we were starting our drive and got it working quickly and easily. Thanks to the AWESOME updates along the way, I not only learned interesting history and facts, but my family made amazingly memorable stops that we never would have found otherwise. The way this app works - by your location - is perfect. You don't have to be staring at the map or pushing buttons. You just listen and enjoy the view. This is a big bonus throughout Big Sur when you HAVE NO CELL SERVICE for hours! I am used to serarching for info along the way, but never would have been able to make that work on this trip. This was the best value purchase we could have ever made. Thank you again to Action Tour Guide!

Audio tour

Nice enhancement to a magical drive.

The narrative and description of the scenery was accurate as we moved along the PCH.

Nice addition to PCH tour

We had planned our drive through big air in advance but we’re still a little overwhelmed by all of the potential stops and hikes. I bought this tour to help us out down the trip and it was definitely $7 worth of helpful information. Big Sur has so much to do so this app helps let you know what your options are as you drive down. The other benefit is that it works and knows your location even when you don’t have service since there is poor service in Big Sur. We drove along (north to south) it pointed us towards the best tourist/hiking/view spots and also included entertaining history and stories of the area. Would have loved if they had tour guide all the way to LA.

Road trip

We loved the information given on the tour. We really enjoyed it. The application worked great. We would love to use it on another road trip

Great Idea

This GPS tour was great. During our trip we would look forward to the next talking point between stops and it really made our long drive feel shorter and more exciting. The California coast is beautiful and historic and it's really neat to know more about this land with the help from this guide. I wish there was a GPS tour for every state!

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