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Just right, and very informative!

We really appreciated this app-based tour! It gave us the flexibility to take our time, stop or go as we wanted, and just be together. We stopped at the sites we were interested, and walked on when we weren't. We chose to follow the Trail until we were tired and ended when we wanted. I have lived in the Boston area before, but some of the information was absolutely new and surprising! A great time was had by all!

- Josunae

Agradável lugar

Lugar aconchegante, agradável e inspira grandeza educacional!!! Muito organizado e limpo, jardim muito bem cuidados

- robs

Pleasantly Surprised

I was asked to drive some visitors around Cape Ann – – where I live – – and show them the sites. But they wanted to know all the interesting historical details that I did not necessarily know. I found this app mentioned on TripAdvisor; downloaded it and bought the Cape Ann self-guided tour. It was exactly what I needed. I used the audible version, it played across my Bluetooth speaker as we drove around to the different sites, and gave us all those little historical tidbits that made them happy. Great idea and worked well.

- Deb P

Cost-effective self-guide tour

If you like to complete the Freedom Trail at your pace while being able to understand their history and background, this option will suit you well. As the app is installed in my smartphone and uses the GPS of my phone, the app correctly found my location to suggest relevant audio. But the audio does not start automatically, which you might like or not. The app provides various audios and videos depending on circumstances. While these are entertaining, you should take care of data consumption by using this app with cellular data. As I'm free to follow the trail at my own, I was able to leave the route to visit other attractions along the trail or have lunch. This app was activated throughout a day of activation, so there was no concern that the app may stop working while I was following the trail. Although some said that they experienced difficulty in activating the app, I felt none when I followed the instruction sent to me. Because of these, I felt that this app-guided self-tour was better cost-effective than being followed by a guide. Boston itself is fairly a small city with many attractions located in close distance. So, you may be able to visit attractions at your own, If you prefer a self-guided tour, this will work very well for you.

- Jason Gu

Fantastic Tour

This tour was a great activity. Loved being able to go at our own pace and mix some shopping and lunch in. The weather was fantastic when we did it, but you definitely need to dress according and wear comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the conditions. While most of the trail is well maintained, there are a few areas that were very icy/muddy and/ or wet. It was nice to have both an audio and text narrative of the site. Will definitely look for similar aps when visiting other places.

- Steven V

Freedom trail self guided GPS

It’s perfect if you want to do a guided tour but go at your own pace. It’s easy to follow and well planned out. If you walk up to the landmark the audio plays automatically. Very informative, would recommend and would do other self guided walking tours from the same company.

- Nicole H

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