Kourion Cyprus Ruins Self Guided Walking Tour

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Welcome to Kourion Cyprus Ruins Self Guided Walking Tour!

With this GPS-enabled tour, you’ll be able to discover the stories behind how these ruins were created—simply by walking. The area was first settled in early Neolithic times. Around 4000 BC! Think stone tools and early farming. Kourion passed under the rule of the great emperors of times past, including Alexander the Great, the Assyrians, and the Romans, until it was finally destroyed by an earthquake in 365 AD.
This self-guided tour allows you to explore Ancient Kourion’s wonders with maximum flexibility and value.

Within 30 min, we'll send you two things: a unique password and an app. Download the app onto your phone, enter the password, and download the tour inside. When you arrive, head over to the first stop. Stick to our recommended route and speed limit for the best experience.

Changing travel date? No worries! Your tour is available anytime from the moment you book.

This is not an entrance ticket. Check opening hours and pandemic rules before your visit.

Key Stops for Kourion Cyprus:-

  • Welcome
  • Kourion's Beginnings
  • The House of Eustolios
  • The Amphitheatre
  • Stand on the Orchestra
  • Sit on the Steps
  • Kourion Flourishes
  • Kourion's Aqueducts
  • Approaching the Excavation
  • The Agora
  • The Public Baths
  • Roman Nymphaeum
  • Right: Early Christian House with Triclinium
  • Gladiator House
  • The House of Achilles
  • Early Christian Basilica
  • Earthquake House
  • Kourion’s Other Sites
  • Rediscovering Kourion
  • Conclusion

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