Bangkok's Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) Self-Guided Walking Tour

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Welcome to Bangkok's Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) Self-Guided Walking Tour!

Bangkok’s Wat Arun is the oldest temple in Bangkok. This Temple of Dawn is encrusted with stunning porcelain tiles and imbibed with ancient history and significance.

Key Stops for Wat Arun:

  • Welcome
  • History of the "Temple of Dawn"
  • Grand Pagoda (Prang)
  • Significance and History
  • Stairs to Upper Terraces
  • The Buddha's Footprint
  • Ordination Hall (Ubosot) Entrance Gate
  • Ordination Hall (Ubosot)
  • Conclusion

What do you get?

We will email you the APP LINK and the TOUR PASSWORD.

Our USP:

FULLY-AUTOMATIC: Each point of interest along the tour has a written and narrated story, directions, and helpful images. As you walk along the path and approach a pin, its story will automatically open up and start playing.

FASCINATING STORIES: Engaging and entertaining stories about each point of interest, professionally narrated, and prepared by local guides.

FREEDOM TO TRAVEL: No scheduled tour timings, no crowded groups, and no rush to move along the past stops that interest you.

INSIDE EACH ATTRACTION: Visualize what you cannot see. All stops have still or animated images for better visualization.

TAKE THE STORY HOME: Enjoy the tour before, during, and after your visit. Easily create an album or share the images & stories with your friends and family.

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