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Stop : The Mall & Literary Walk: Shakespeare and Columbus
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Hits highlights of Central Park

The tour is long (3+ hours) but worth it. The park is HUGE, don’t expect to do it quickly in an hour when you’re there for a weekend.... plan to spend three hours. The tour does only the south half of the park but we felt that was more than enough. That’s where all the highlights are, including The Mall Walk and the memorial for Lennon. My only recommendation is that you review the app’s map carefully before you go... that way, you can figure out if you want to skip something (helpful if you don’t have three hours and want to use one of the shortcut routes).

Don’t goto Central Park without this app

Simply said - it’s awesome. So much to know. I have been to NYC 50 times and the park 5 times. I had no idea about all these. Very nice. Don’t leave home without this app!


The park is huge and I was a little overwhelmed. Once I found this App, it made it easy to cover all the highlights.

I walked at my own pace, taking a lot of rest stops and never felt pressured to keep up with a group. Well done!

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