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Restaurant "El Faisán", Quintana Roo Nuevo Durango - Coba 175, Quintana Roo, Mexico




1 - 2 hours



Deep Dives


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Stop : Welcome
Stop 18 : Nohoch Mul Pyramid
00:00 / 01:51
00:00 / 01:07


It was great

My gf and I used this guide on our trip to Tulum ruins. It was great. The app tracks your location and automatically explains the buildings/history once you get near them. It was a very seemless experience and imo better than an actual tour guide.

Useful little App!

I bought this on my trip trip to Mexico and found it so helpful.. especially in Coba Ruins where there are no real maps or info boards.

I rented a bicycle and put my phone in the basket, connected by Bluetooth headphones and off I went.. the app told me ahead of time what was coming up and had interesting cultural and historic information.

A great buy. Would definitely recommend

Nice way to see ruins

Everyone goes to Chichen Itza but Coba has its own magic. You really feel transported back in time! Plus, no crowds. This great little guide works perfectly... just like you had a real guide walking next to you.... glad app technology is finally doing what it’s potential promised!

Loved this app

We have used other apps from this company also. Coba was equally interesting as others with one difference. While first 20 min was walking, the rest of it was on the bicycle. We rented two bikes from inside. We biked everywhere. The narration worked perfectly. Without this app, we could not have got the stories as the guides do not bike with us and guides were very expensive.


The last pyramid is very tall and difficult to climb. Actually, coming down is more difficult. The view from the top is beautiful.

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