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Ek Balam, Ekbalam, Yuc., Mexico


Ek Balam Self-Guided Walking Tour




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Stop 1 : Welcome
Stop 11 : The Acropolis
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Really adds a lot to the experience

We used this app for touring both Ek Balam and the Tulum ruins. It added a lot to the experience, giving detailed and we'll narrated information, while not being overly verbose. The interface isn't the best, but it's functional and simple enough to understand.

Careful Reviewer

Worth the price and more!! Stress-free way to wander. It was fun and informative. I loved not having to look at a book. Very cool that the audio triggers by your GPS location!

All the historical information was amazing! The gps functionality was spot on and we had a amazing tour. Definitely worth the price!

Third nice app in Cancún from this company

We used Chichen Itza and Tulum app from this company before. This is the third app we used. Like the other two, it is very nice and useful. We downloaded the app at the hotel and went over the stories the previous night. At the site, there is no cellular or WiFi. GPS worked fine and we could follow the line and listen to the stories.


Climbing the pyramid was a lot of fun. Half way to the top are the most interesting structures. All the way on the top has a great view. Coming down is harder. Try zig zag while coming down.


Since, we had the app, we did not spend $$ for a guide. It was a pleasant experience.

Excellent guide

The GPS triggering is very useful - we got all the useful information just by walking over to the “pin” on the map. They give you a route to follow from one pin to the next. I would recommend this over the guide any day... a LOT of info

Nice App. Everything worked well. We enjoyed the tour. We also downloaded Tulum and Chichen tours too. They were very good.

Absolutely perfect. We went for the second time after 10 years. Last time we had a lot of trouble with the guide. In this app,GPS triggering is very useful. We got all the useful information just by walking over the spot. I would have liked more information. I would recommend this over the guide any day!

We used this app for touring Ek Balam and also Tulum Ruins. It added a lot to experience, detailed and well narrated information. The stories were powerful and engaging! Would recommend this app!

The app had great and interesting stories. Overall great app!

Great Value

Much cheaper than the local guides, group tours, and other touristy stuff. The narration is excellent and also gives in depth information which was interesting to listen to.

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