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Stop 1 : The Evolution of Masada
Stop 6 : The Northern Palace
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Amazing piece of local history and monument of Jewish perseverance

I had no initial idea of this place as our "tour guide" friends just happened to offer this trip. Well worth a visit! Just take a lot of sun lotion with you and a hat preferably. Be ready for some high altitude experience and remember to visit also the great water reserve and the North "terrace".


Also if you feel you are up to it you can run up and down, in and out via the Snake path!

Learning History

I never was aware of this place but once I found out about it, it was like "How?" the place is amazing in the Judean desert near the south end of the Dead Sea. There is a gift shop, a place to board the box cart that will lift you to the top of the mountain or huge mesa OR you can hike up the snake trail. Once on top, it's a view of the Dead Sea and other desert mountains along with ruins of the fortress, you can enter some areas and see the tiles on the floor and the construction of how things were built back then, over look and see below additional fortresses or living spaces. Its a must see and don't miss out. Maybe best for grade school and teen agers but under 5 would be up to you. It can get really warm depending on when you travel, my travel was in November and the weather was good just need good shoes, water and a cap or umbrella.


This was a very unique day tour. You can either take the cable car to the top or hike it. The view from the top is incredible. The tour guides are well versed in the history of the fortress. It's a must do trip.

View from above

We took a gondola ride to the fortress and ruins of the palace at the top of the mountain. We could see the camps where the soldiers lived while they planned their attack against the fortress. There were original mosaic floors still intact. Our guide showed us where they got their water and how it was stored. An amazing trip back in time.


Hired a private car from Jerusalem for a day trip to Masada. The journey is around one and a half hours through stunning countryside partly alongside the Dead Sea. The cable car takes a few minutes to the top, although you can walk on well worn pathways which looked quite strenuous. The fortress is spectacular and we could only be in awe of the people who once lived there. The Roman ramp is clearly visible today, and the areas of the Roman encampments are clearly marked on the ground below. Every part of the fortress can be explored and it’s a great place to visit.

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