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Deep Dives


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Stop 1 : Welcome
Stop 2 : The Gilded Age
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Makes for a great bike ride!

We didn’t follow the exact path in the app but it still worked great! We had bikes at our AirBnB but to go to Point 1 would have meant backtracking. So we just manually listened to the first few Points (you have to click on the play button). But we did everything along Bellevue while biking and it worked perfectly! It’s much easier to pull over to the side and listen to the extra stories when on a bike than a car. Rose Cliff’s Point started too early but other than that, it was great. The Ocean Drive segment is loooong but very peaceful and beautiful. The only issue I have is that the app doesn’t allow Family Sharing so my SO and I had to both buy it. But it’s much cheaper than a bus tour or a personal guide so definitely worth the money.

Worth the price!

We used this in a car instead of on bicycles and it worked well enough though you have to slow down as you enter the gps zones and if there is traffic behind you it won't be ideal. Some of the information about the mansions was a little too basic but overall for the price, it's well worth it if you consider the cost of a guide or three other guided tours. Plus you can do it at your own pace. I had some problems with the audio not playing the first few seconds and also didn't allow me to rewind until it finished playing the whole thing.

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