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SF to LA Pacific Coast Highway California Rt-1 GPS Self-Guided Driving Tour




5 - 7 hours



Deep Dives


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Stop 1 : Welcome
Stop 3 : Pacifica
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5 stars for both tour & drive

This is truly one of the most scenic, peaceful, and sunny drives in the entire country! We had a phenomenal time on every minute of this roadtrip, from the moment we left SF until we hit LA’s beach. The audio tour was a great add on, and helped make each sight more special and memorable (and convinced us to actually stop at a couple places we hadn’t originally planned). The only quibble is that the audio is timed to the location so if you’re driving over the speed limit (we sometimes did), it will occasionally cut off when you hit the next one. This happens infrequently though (and was clearly our mistake) so I will continue to rate 5.

Very creative stories

I loved this app. The stories played when we got to the point. The best part is that stories are quite unique; very creative. They talk about what happened at each point. Nice !

Highly recommended buy!

We were doing the Highway 1 road trip and had used their App for LA to San Luis Obispo. We loved that App, so we went all in and bought all their tours for Highway 1 upto SF. You won’t regret it. It works beautifully and makes the drive interesting and informative with titbits about the area we were driving through. Since it is GPS enabled, we just had the phone hooked to the car stereo and periodically it pointed out facts along the way.

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