A Day in Haunted Gettysburg!

If you love anything that deals with the paranormal, haunting, history, and a good old ghost story, have we got a town for you! For many years, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has been a hotbed of reports around paranormal activity.

Many of these ghost stories are surrounding The Battle of Gettysburg. It is one of the most gruesome chapters in United States history, and many believe the ghosts of the 50,000 men that perished are still wandering, as most of the Confederate soldiers never received a proper burial.

Gettysburg is one of the most popular places for tourists and ghost hunters alike. There are plenty of places that are thought to be haunted, so if you are planning a trip to check out the area, here are a few you should definitely not miss.

Best Haunting in Gettysburg

The town itself is said to be haunted but there are specific locations that you must visit.

Gettysburg Hotel

The Gettysburg hotel has been known to have had several ghost sightings. The most popular is Rachel, who is believed to have been a nurse during the Civil War.

She is said to be looking for wounded soldiers that she can care for as well as going through guest’s drawers and taking things out.

People have also said they have seen a wounded soldier and a lady dancing in the center of the ballroom.

There are also reports that Union soldier James Culbertson of Company K, Pennsylvania Reserves, is still wandering around the hotel.

The Gettysburg Battlefield

The site of the Civil War was held at what is now known as Baltimore Pike. The Gettysburg National Military Park is said to be haunted by fallen soldiers who are unable to accept their fate.

Many believe that the restless souls of those soldiers from both sides of the battle are unaware that the battle has ended and that time has moved on, left to wander forever without peace.

The Daniel Lady Farm

The Daniel Lady Farm was used as the Confederate army's field hospital. Soldiers who were badly wounded were brought to the farm to recover or to be given some comfort for their final time on earth.

There are bloodstains on the floor, there are initials etched into door jambs from the soldiers and there are pieces of cannonballs still wedged into the walls.

Many believe it to be one of the most haunted spots in the area, as many men entered and never left alive. The ghosts of General Isaac Ewell and his 10,000 men still reportedly haunt the farm.

The Ghost Train

Check out the actual battlefields from the comfort of the train. The Ghost Train, that is! This 90-minute ride will take guests around to see where battles took place, but be careful, the train is said to have ghosts, as well.

As you travel around, you will hear stories of how people on the train have smelled cigar smoke and seen the souls of soldiers wandering around the train. Sometimes, you can see their ghosts along the tracks or on the battlefields.

Gettysburg College

Getting an education has never been ghoulier! Located on an old battlefield, there have long been ghost stories about sightings, screams, moans, and cries of those dying inside the hallowed hall.

The college was also used as a hospital during the war. Penn Hall tends to be a popular spot of all things paranormal. There have been reports of people seeing ghosts in hospital gear tending to injured soldiers in the elevator.

There have been sightings of armed guards crossing the campus and of the basement is said to be covered in the blood of the Civil War doctors.

Sachs Covered Bridge

If the image of a covered bridge evokes a quaint romantic picture with colorful falling leaves, think again. History claims that three young soldiers thought to be traitors, spies, or deserters were caught wearing the uniforms for the other side.

They were hung inside the bridge and left there as a reminder to any and all who passed through that there were consequences to your actions. People today who pass through believe they can hear the ropes squeaking on the beams, as the young men are unable to rest.

Devil’s Den

The Devil’s Den is actually an area covered with large boulders and rocks. It’s also the site of huge losses of life during battle. Around 35,000 over a few days. Due to the high peaks of the area, sharpshooters were often placed there.

The Gettysburg Battlefield, which is where the Devil’s Den is, saw the largest loss of life over any two days in the American Civil War. Many locals and paranormal investigators agree this very location is home to more supernatural occurrences than almost anywhere else in the city.

There are regular sightings, and reports of noises, like cries, moans, and screaming. When you visit, you will be tempted to take a picture or record the sounds you hear, but good luck. The ghosts will interfere with your equipment and block your signal.

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