Celebrate American History this Memorial Day!

Need a fun family activity for Memorial Day Weekend? Take a trip into America’s past… from the battles for independence to WWII. Check out one of these self-guided tours of a historic site - they’re a safe way to get out of the house and spend the day making memories.

Boston’s Freedom Trail: The Fight for American Independence

Explore Boston’s “Revolutionary” past - from Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride (“The British are coming!”) to the historic Battle of Bunker Hill. Walk along the red-bricked road, following in the footsteps of great American heroes like George Washington and Samuel Adams. Explore Boston Common, the Old State House, the Boston Massacre, the Granary, and so much more.

You can’t go wrong visiting this historic city on Memorial Day Weekend! Boston won’t be as crowded as usual but be sure to practice social distancing while taking this self-guided walking tour.

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Historic Philadelphia Liberty Tour: Birth of a New Nation

Witness the birthplace of America! Immerse yourself in rich American history as you see Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell (a symbol of freedom), Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was signed), and even the Betsy Ross House (where the first American flag was sewn). Journey into Philadelphia’s past on the shoulders of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and of course - George Washington.

Philadelphia is so full of quintessential American history that it’s the perfect place to visit on Memorial Day Weekend! The Historic District can be popular though, so be sure to practice social distancing. This walking tour is self-guided, so you have the flexibility to change up the route if you want to!

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Gettysburg Battlefield Auto Tour: Preserving the Union

Fighting for independence is one thing, but fighting for unity is another! Embark on an adventure into the great Civil War Battle at Gettysburg, where the Union army struck a key victory that allowed the United States of America to remain united. Discover the battlefield where Lincoln famously delivered his Gettysburg Address.

Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to take the family on that Gettysburg road trip. Since this is a self-guided driving tour, you should have no trouble practicing safe social distancing!

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Scenic Guam Island Tour: Epic Battles of WWII

Get transported to Guam for an in-depth look at the American battles of WWII. Experience the thrilling tales of George Tweed and Shoici Yokoi as they hid from enemy soldiers in the island’s dense interior. Learn about the fight to control Guam, a critical military foothold in the Pacific Front.

You might not be able to travel to Guam on this Memorial Day Weekend, but you can still “be” there - just virtually! Experience all of the island’s rich history with this self-guided driving tour.

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