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No party? No cookout? Take a self-guided tour this weekend with the whole family!

The fight for independence was full of hidden histories and behind-the-scenes action! On this Independence Day, learn all the secrets of the Revolutionary War with these self-guided tours:

Historic Philadelphia

What could be more symbolic than visiting Philadelphia on this July 4th weekend? Philly is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, which granted nationhood to the fledging America, and the home of the Liberty Bell, which stood for freedom and equality for all Americans, regardless of race or gender. Explore the city’s rich history with this self-guided walking tour.

Old Wall Street

Modern financial capital? Sure! Historic center of a secret spy ring dedicated to American independence? Yup! NYC’s Wall Street is full of hidden histories, if you only know where to look. Follow the city’s evolution from pristine tribal land to New Amsterdam to British stronghold and finally to American capital! Explore the district’s hidden secrets with this self-guided walking tour.

Boston’s Freedom Trail

Boston’s at the heart of the American Revolution — from the first riots to the final battles! This historic city was home to Paul Revere and his midnight ride, Sam Adams and his Sons of Liberty, and even John Rowe and his famous Tea Party! What promoted the revolution? Who was calling for independence? Explore the city’s rich history with this  self-guided walking tour.

Gettysburg Battlefield

Philly may have created America but Gettysburg preserved it! Union forces turned the tide of the Civil War over this three-day battle, ultimately allowing the Union to win the war and abolish slavery. And the coincidental date of their victory at Gettysburg? That’s right - July 4th! Explore this rich battleground’s dramatic history with this self-guided driving tour.

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