Bored at home due to Coronavirus quarantine? Try a local self-guided scenic drive/walk.

So, you’re stuck in the house due to precautions related to COVID-19, the coronavirus. You’re working from home, all the upcoming events you were looking forward to having been canceled, and the gym’s closed. Are the people you live with getting on your nerves? Could you use an escape for a few hours? Have you already finished every show on Netflix and need to get some fresh air? Do you just need a distraction from all the bad news flowing in from Twitter? Then there’s no better time to go for a drive!

Try taking a self-guided driving tour of your local area. Self-guided tours like these allow for a change of scenery while avoiding direct contact with the public. It’s easy to use– just install the app on your phone and pick a tour. Walk or drive along the recommended route and a narrator will automatically tell you about the interesting sights you’re seeing. From the safety of your car, you can soak in the history, geography, architecture, and culture of your local scenic area, while maintaining healthy social distancing. Each tour features over an hour of fascinating facts, highlighting all the coolest stuff for you along the way.

The best part? A self-guided tour is entirely flexible! With enough gas in the tank, you can immerse yourself in the splendor of your surroundings for an afternoon. Many tourist destinations may be closed for business during this time, but the roads will still be open for travel. No need to worry about closing times or ticket prices– this is one tour where YOU make the schedule. Check out the scenic self-guided tours in your neighborhood here.

If you do leave the car to grab a snack or take a picture, be sure to follow the CDC guidelines to protect yourself from infection: avoid touching your eyes and mouth, try not to get within six feet of anyone else, and wash your hands often. (It’s not a bad idea to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your car even when there’s NOT a public health crisis.)

Living under quarantine doesn’t have to be boring! If there’s a scenic detour that you’ve never had the time to take, now’s your chance to explore. Take advantage of your newfound freedom and give your car some exercise with a self-guided tour!

Enjoy some of Greater Boston's best experiences virtually from here!

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