Here Are Five Interesting Things You Can Do In Tulum!

The diversity on offer in Mexico is one of the travel world’s best kept secrets! It is a country

filled with everything from deserts to mountains to beaches and dotted with sites detailing it’s astonishingly rich history. Traveling to Mexico for your next holiday promises to fill it with music, warmth, culture and sensational food.

Popular imagination limits activities in Mexico to sunbathing at the beach with a margarita in hand. Despite this, one of the most visited archeological ruins in the country is in Tulum. Known initially as Zama-Xamanzamá, the city showcases a wide variety of activities one can take part in on vacation. There is no shortage of things to do in Tulum.

Interesting things to do in Tulum

1. Explore the Tulum Ruins

The biggest attraction in the city is the Tulum Ruins. This ancient Mayan walled city was built over 1500 years ago and endured 70 more into Spanish occupation of Mexico. It’s importance was initially elevated through its use as a seaport. Since then, it has been frequented by the Maya as a temple until as recently as the last century. Now it stands as the third most visited archaeological site in Mexico and the most well preserved coastal Mayan ruin. Standing about 40 feet over ground level facing the Caribbean Sea, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is much smaller than most famous Mayan ruins and easily traversable by foot in a shorter amount of time. El Castillo, Temple of the Frescoes and Temple of the Descending God make the three most famous constructions within the ruins. It’s striking location set against both the jungle and the beach make certain that your vacation photos will be memorable.

2. Take a dip in the cenotes

Tulum’s famed cenotes hold a deep attraction to those visiting. These exposed depressions filled with groundwater are frequented by many travelers who wish to take a dip in it. The most famous cenote in Tulum is the Gran Cenote. Situated on the Riviera Maya,the water is so clear that it is possible to see underwater creatures! One of the most popular things to do in Tulum when visiting the Gran Cenote is snorkeling.

3. Experience the famous beaches

Tulum is renowned for its pristine beaches with white sands and ultramarine waters. Paradise Beach (Playa Paraíso) is busy without being overrun by tourists. You can swim, snorkel or simply take in the view with a refreshing drink under the shade of some palm fronds. The waters off the coast are home to coral reef as well as recently discovered drowned 17th-century cannons.

4. Indulge in the local cuisine

Mexico boasts of a celebrated, wide-ranging and flavourful cuisine with Tulum being no exception. Once you are tired out by all the things to do in Tulum, be sure to hit the restaurants and sample some classic Yucatán cuisine. Playa Paraíso is surrounded by eateries so you don’t go hungry while spending a day at the beach. Taqueria Honorio is an unassuming taco restaurant whose renown is betrayed by near-constant foot traffic from locals and tourists alike. They are most famous for their tacos and sandwiches which they serve Tuesday through Sunday from 6 am to 2 pm.

5. Shop locally

Tulum Bazaarnear the Tulum Ruins is an open air market chock full of stands that sell Mayan-inspired artifacts and souvenirs you can take home to your friends and family.

Things to know before you go

Schedule wisely: High season in Tulum lasts from January to March and brings with it large crowds and price hikes. Visiting Tulum in the shoulder seasons helps avail of a more peaceful holiday with cheaper rates.

Dress smart: Yucatan weather is subtropical and the sun can be unforgiving if you are not prepared. Don’t forget to use sunscreen, wear sunglasses and carry water with you everywhere to keep hydrated. Wear sensible shoes and light, comfortable clothes to manage considerable walking within the ruins.

Know your destination: The Tulum Ruins parking lot is a 10 to 15-minute walk away from the entrance. You could choose to either walk the distance or take transport for 20 pesos per person.

Be your own guide: Tulum Ruins charge an entrance fee of 65 pesos. You can also hire a guide for 600 pesos. By downloading the Audio Tour Guide at a fraction of the cost you will not be encumbered by constraints from another person and can explore the ruins at your own pace instead. This well researched audio guide offers a seamless and informative experience on location. Using the Action Tour Guide also helps you sidestep the danger of being grifted by unauthorized local guides.

Download Tulum Ruins Tour Guide Cancun App available on GooglePlayStore and AppStore to enhance your experience of the Tulum Ruins and tap into its cultural and

historical richness. Explore this historical marvel on your own terms!

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