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A nice addition to my walk

I was in Chicago on a work trip and had a couple hours to kill before I needed to head to the airport. A coworker suggested the riverwalk and I downloaded this app on the way there.


I think it added a lot of interesting context to what was otherwise a pretty standard city stroll. It really went into detail on *every* building and bridge (maybe a little too much, I skipped around a bit). Lots of good historical information too.


I wish it had food recommendations though, since I was pretty hungry by the end of the walk.

A great way to get more from the riverwalk! As you walk, you see beautiful buildings and skyscrapers on the other side and the app tells you about them as you get closer. The full walk was too long for us but we manually listened to the stories that we couldnt get to. Had a rare beautiful day in Chicago this weekend when we visited!

This is the only good walking guide along the Riverwalk. It is long and detailed, so we were tired by the end and didnt do the extra stops to the right of the Michigan bridge. Enjoyed the historical stories interspersed with fun facts... ex the story behind the blimps at the Intercontinental Hotel and the Eastland Boat Disaster. Would recommend to everyone-- excellent value at just $4. I would have paid $15+. Can you add a Spanish version?


The stories are very interesting. We started listening to them when we were still in the hotel. They were so good that We went through the whole app before starting. Then, when we walked the route and listened to the stories the second time. Each story is unique. Go for it.

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